Sunday, November 3, 2019

School of Computer and Information Sciences Essay - 1

School of Computer and Information Sciences - Essay Example One needs to shape the future through intelligence and learned skills. This has been the reason why I have never hesitated to take into account of what my status in my home country Nepal had been (Assistant Professor) and what I have managed to achieve in the United States (PC Technician). Instead, I believe I make my own destiny by taking control of my actions, career, and future. For my actions, I am accountable to no one but my own conscience (well perhaps to the law). I follow the rationale that if my actions does not harm any one than it cannot be that bad. As long as I respect my neighbors, comply with the law, and go about my own work, I am following the general rule of citizenry. For my career, I believe in shaping it through hard work and intelligent choices. I have never been shy of hard work therefore that is not a problem. Making an intelligent choice needs a bit of consideration. In the course of my study for my Master's degree in Chemistry at CU, Denver I have learned hands-on how to operate the computer from scratch. It took a while with lots of frustration to get the hang of it but I have managed to understand its dynamics. Today, I have knowledge of Windows XP, Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. But what has really sparked my interests in computer science has been the ability to logically manipulate it and create new things out of it. Like chemis try, computers change the way one view and perceive things. It is like a chemistry formula which can transform liquid to gas or to an entirely different form of matter. Computers too change the construct and elements of data to different forms and use for different users. How a few pieces of hardware can modify, develop and present information to the whole world in a different manner is a fascinating phenomenon for me. And like chemistry, I feel, computer science is a logical subject and I would be able to grasp its dynamics in no time.

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