Saturday, August 31, 2019

Department of Justice Essay

There seems to be major issue in the case of United States v. Viktor Kozenzy. The specific legal question is whether Viktor Kozenzy, Frederic Bourke, Jr, and David Pinkerton had conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Travel Act. There are many facts that support this claim. Viktor Kozenzy, Federic Bourke Jr. and David Pinkerton paid and also caused to be paid bribes to Azeri Officials. They all became shareholders of Oily Rock. Oily Rock invested in Azeri privatization vouchers. They also became part of Minaret as well. Mineret was a party to the co-investment agreement between Oily Rock and the co-investors. There seems to be lots of more facts in this case. The defendants made many corrupt payments, promises, and offers to Senior officials of the Government of Azerbaijan. They all seemed to have conspiracy to bribe and there are evidence of wire transfers and direct cash payments. They also promised two-thirds of the profits of Oily-Rock and receive two-thirds of Oily Rock vouchers. There are was also much jewelry exchanged in excess of $600,000 to Azeri officials. The source of my facts came from, it is the official United States Department of Justice’s website. It is very credible and accurate. There seems to be relevant laws and regulations such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Travel Act. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act made it unlawful to bribe officials. It was passed in 1977. I believe that the court reached the decision by the substantial evidence. There were documented evidence that shows the money laundering, stock options, and wire transfer to foreign officials. I think that the court was correct that the defendant did indeed conspire to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Travel Act. This situation could be easily avoided if the government officials had personal watching over them or checking the bank accounts. Many of the officials should be watched closely after and monitored. Works Cited The United States Deparment of Justice. Retrieved from

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