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Murder and Memories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Murder and Memories - Essay Example The death of Ada and his son have been a controversial issue. It is now up to the students, and researchers to come up with a valid conclusion regarding the incident. This incident remains shrouded in mystery. Other authors say it was the pistol that went off accidentally1. Today, theories on what happened behind the thick walls of the mansions are still being developed. This paper examines the key happenings regarding this incident, with a major focus on sections such as Home, Tragedy, Blood Ties, Settings, Dramatis Personae, and Archives, to give a comprehensive conclusion about the Murder. Firstly let’s take a look at the history that presented itself during this time. In the year 1901, the Redpaths were members of the elites who spoke in English. They lived in a Montreal Square mile that was immensely wealthy. This Square was an intimate and also closed community of its own distinctive making. The Redpaths families used common social, educational, health, and religious ins titutions. Their children also fell victim of intermarriages. These families also shopped for products and also obtained, classic professional services, varying from health, legal and dental services to accounting services. It was mandatory for these professionals to have come from similar class and ethnic backgrounds. In the early 1880’s, many jobs were created through funding of the Canadian Railway. In sectors such as education and health, a lot of efforts were put by the likes of Dr. Emily Stowe of Toronto. Stowe was the first licensed woman doctor in the whole of Canada, and this offered more opportunities for Women. Canadians also passed legislation for protecting working women. They put minimum working age to ten years for boys and fourteen years for girls to protect the youth. The legislation also put working hours to a maximum of ten. In the year 1885, Canadians extended the franchise to married women to own lowly valued property. This franchise never applied to nati ve and unmarried people. In 1887, Mc Donald became the Prime Minister. This was his fourth term. During the early 1890s, Canada’s industrial revolution came in full force. The Industry of Canada started booming especially around the corridor of Trans-continental rail. Ontario’s industries that dealt in the iron, steel, tools, and farm implements were some of the leading companies. At this moment in time, forty percent of Ontarians lived in the cities. Ontario’s economy further booms due to the establishment of a new power house known as Niagara power house. Housing crisis emerged due to the urbanization that caused many people to flock the city of Toronto2. Increased employment caused increased child labor and also increased the level of school drop-outs. During the late first decade of 1900s, most industries relied upon electric power or self-generated steam power. In 1906, workers of the Hamilton street railway erupted to Violence caused by their strike3. In 1 909, Laurier won the Federal election for the fourth term. The Redpath Mystery is best captured in a website named â€Å"the Great unsolved Mysteries in the Canadian History†. Ada Maria and his son Jocelyn Clifford Redpath died on the 13th of June, the year 1901. It is also remarkably clear that their death resulted from gunshot wounds. The

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