Wednesday, October 2, 2019

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee :: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays

to kill a mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird is a great book written by Harper Lee. This book is about Tom Robinson trying to help a white girl named Mayella. All that Tom was trying to do was help that little white girl out, but he was alone with her. Bob Ewell Mayella's father said that Tom raped his daughter Mayella. He was just walking by and got asked to help a girl out so he did because he felt sorry for her. Those were three things leading to Tom Robinson's conviction. The first cause was the prejudice ness of the south in the 1930's. One example of this is the churches were segregated. "Calpernia motioned Jem and ma to the end of the row and placed herself between us."(120) Though the conjugation was kind to the children they were surprised of the children. Alexandria wanted Atticus to be fired for being Tom's attorney since Tom is black. The town was outraged that Atticus would do suck a thing. Atticus was helping Tom Robinson so now everyone is mad at Atticus. "Do you defend niggers Atticus?"(74) Everyone wants Atticus to be fired for helping Tom. Atticus is just trying to help Tom now everyone is against him. A group of town members formed a mob and went to the jail to lynch Tom. The mob that the town formed went to the jail and started things. "The men jumped a little and scattered: because they were people everyday.... "(146) The towns mob went to the jail for Tom because of what has been going on. The towns mob was angry that they went to the jail. Bob Ewell and Mayella accused Tom of the crime. Bob was accountable for seeing Tom raping Mayella. Judge Taylor asked Bob. "Mr. Ewell did you see the defendant having sexual intercourse with your daughter?"(174) Bob said that he saw his daughter getting raped by Tom Robinson. His own daughter Mayella also accused Bob of being a drunk. Mayella's testimony says that Tom raped her also gave the jury another white witness against Tom Robinson. Mayella told the judge that her father was a decent, "Except for when he was drunk."(183) Mayella said that Tom raped her so they believed her because she was a white young girl testifying against a black man. Another reason that they believed her is because that it's Mayella's, and Bobs Ewell's word that Tom raped her. No doctor had ever examined Mayella to see if she actually got raped at all. "Did you call a doctor sheriff!" "Did anyone call a doctor?

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