Thursday, September 26, 2019

Environmental Issues in Dairy Processing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Environmental Issues in Dairy Processing - Essay Example The second important aspect to be considered is the soil inside and around Fonterra Tirau. This is necessary because the materials and processes that are used in the milk processing can be harmful to the environment (soil) if care is not taken in their handling. If leakages or spillages occur, they can foster the micro - organism spread. Nitrogen, which is a major byproduct in the lactalbumin processing can easily leach into underground water and result in contamination of underground water sources. The other concern is that the nature of milk by-products is such that it can hamper oxygen supply in the soil, or disrupt infiltration. These in general would affect soil quality by polluting it, and this would end up even into waterways (Barnett, Robertson& Russell, n.d.).Thirdly, although not much considered is the inconvenience that might be caused by the heavy commercial vehicles, which are constantly moving into or out of Fonterra Tirau. Owing to the fact that they are large, they ha ve the potential to cause much noise and congestion of traffic in the area around Tirau. This is the same case with the heavy plant machinery used. In the light of this, it is the mandate of Fonterra Tirau to ensure that the machinery and trucks accessing the area do not have negative effects to the surrounding (Lundie, Schulz, Peters, & Nebel, 2009).Finally, air quality should be a factor very sensitive, and should be considered as well. Plant processes such as fermenting of lactic casein, bad milk.

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