Monday, September 23, 2019

Misconception about Being Muslim Means I Am a Terrorist Essay

Misconception about Being Muslim Means I Am a Terrorist - Essay Example Even if I am a Muslim, I am still worthy of becoming a normal person who does righteous deeds in the society and who disapproves of war as a solution to global conflicts. In social events or gatherings, I often hear people saying that "they are family of Muslims, maybe they are terrorists." In those moments, silence wraps my whole body. I felt that strange feeling of being different from all the others. Still, that statement did not cause me to feel anger nor did it trigger any violent reaction, emotions that others usually associate with my religion. In contrary to the misconception that I am a terrorist, my own background, as well as that of my family, will prove that I am not a terrorist. I am able to study without the school management questioning my credibility because I have done nothing that will lead them to suspect that I am a terrorist. I am living an ordinary life, and I have never been involved nor do I plan to engage myself in any illegal activity that will ruin my reput ation. Terrorists kill without notice; they take away priceless possessions not minding if people will get hurt, which is an indication that they do not have conscience. All people have conscience, and as human beings, Muslims also have conscience similar with the Catholics and the other religions in this world. However, people who have become terrorists may have experienced unpleasant events in their lives that caused them to no longer feel this emotion. Therefore, it is unfair to generalize that all Muslims are terrorists. Yes, I am a Muslim, and I do admit that I am capable of making mistakes, but those mistakes are the ordinary ones that do not affect the whole society. It can be those wrong decisions that I make, small decisions that only affect me and my family but not the whole world. There are good Muslim people who are not capable of hurting others for the reason that they have conscience, and I am one of those. On the other hand, there are also bad ones who hurt others and cause trouble in the society maybe because they have followed the wrong way and were influenced by certain things, persons, or life experiences. Hence, Muslims who have become terrorists are not authentic members of the Islamic church. These terrorists are creating their own laws, laws that are not found in any page of the holy book of Qu'ran. The great devotion of the Muslims to Allah is a manifestation of their unconditional faith to the doctrines of Islam, which do not include terrorism. Most people say that all terrorists are Muslims; fundamentally, it is partly true because they grew up listening to the teachings of Islam. However, the moment they decided to engage themselves in acts that cause harm or death, they have rejected the essence of this religion, in other words, terrorists are not genuine Muslims. They may be Muslims by name, but they are not Muslims by heart. In the first place, if these terrorists are concerned with their fellow Muslims, they could not have propag ated those wars, or spearheaded the terrorists’ attacks that killed the lives of the innocent Muslim people. Everyone is entitled to say their own opinion, but it gets hurtful when they easily judge not only me but also my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters as terrorists. I can say that I am Muslim by blood and spirituality, but I am not a terrorist. I condemn those acts same with other people because I believe that terrorism is making all

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