Friday, September 13, 2019

Personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 27

Personal Statement Example Therefore, this course would greatly sharpen my entrepreneurial skills and would be a responsible manager in the business world. When I started my undergraduate course at Bangor University, I acquired basic knowledge of accounting and management. In freshman sophomore, I acquired a lot of knowledge related to accounting courses, which will boost my performance at the collage. At the second grade in the university, I majored in finance and banking, which was my favorite, and I excelled scoring an average of 71.17. Additionally, in the third grade at the University I advanced my interest and took behavioral finance, corporate risk management and operational management. I successfully passed in the majored subjects in all grades. This new course will greatly benefit me in succeeding in my entrepreneur business since I will require all the acquired skills (Baty & Michael, P. 57). All the previous courses have enabled me hold various positions, which I have performed excellently. Additionally, I have been recommended positively in all organizations I have worked for and they have requested me to work with them onc e am through with my studies. Any successful enterprise manager does not require only enterprise knowledge, but one requires mastering the financial knowledge. Additionally, companies require to get detailed feedback from managers and therefore, enrolling at your college will enable me acquire the necessary skills to become a manager. When managers posses a more comprehensive knowledge they are likely to deal with any kind of business related idea and one does not encounter challenges when formulating business strategies. Additionally, immediately I enroll for my course, I will begin looking for a job in the banking sector or any other related industry in order to practice the knowledge acquired from the university. Therefore, during this period I will also be searching for other various

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