Thursday, September 12, 2019

Food & Beverage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Food & Beverage - Essay Example Being a consultant, I will pay 35% of the total time and energies on people development, due to the very reality that staff members are the identification and uniqueness of an organization, behavior, performance, qualification and professionalism of which means a lot to the organization. It is staff on the basis of which people visit the organization. Second priority would be given to operations department, which will take 25% of total time and energies. Like people, products are also the sign of an organization’s recognition and individuality. If clients are not satisfied with the products and services offer to them, they will never trust an organization. Moreover, if product and services are satisfactory, they will surely leave significant impact upon both sales and profit. Lastly, I will suggest equal concentration to be paid to sales and profit, which will be 20% of the total investment for each. Sales phenomenon is the department that determines future planning and strate gy making of an organization for future. Moreover, profit ultimately soars up provided customers and clients are satisfied with the performance of the staff on the one hand, and quality and excellence of the products and services on the other. Being a consultant of the food chain I aim to pay due heed to the products and services of the organization, which will surely increase the food cost from 26.5% to 31.3% over the same period. One of the main reasons behind such a sudden as well as an imperative jump in the food cost is certainly applying most hygienic products with proper sterilizing of all the crockery including dishes, glasses and cooking range etc, as well as keeping the area extremely neat and clean. Moreover, use of fresh and high meat, vegetables and fruit will also increase the expenditure of the food to be presented to the customers. In addition, presentation and

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